The Company Policy

CENER3 was founded in an attempt to render a service for renewable energy sector in Ankara in 2015. CENER3 which set up a lot of projects in a short span of time presses ahead with working on solar power plants (SPP). CENER3 which is able to have the nonconformist, enterprising habit that is open for improvement as a mover and shaker plans to achieve the goals through the instruments of patience and successful projects. 

CENER3 takes firm steps forward to work on renewable energy area and to make contribution to economic development of our country and the world in accordance with domestic energy policy and the global situation of the sector by means of awareness for being an archetypical and entrepreneurial fi rm, the management board which is comprised of experienced professionals and expert staff. 

We have set sight on qualifi ed service as a consequence of planned and accomplished works together with teammates under scope of growth target since the beginning of our activities. 

The criteria of confidence, continuity and prestige become more of an issue for us. We work in consideration of them on the way of our targets. The main principle of ours in these targets is continuous development and improvement to future above a magnifi cent rate of growth. CENER3 is defi nitely going to achieve the success with the contribution by the staff, solution partners and investors and this will have been confi rmed. 

All of our investments and the development period belong to permanence and continuance of CENER3. We go on moving in the awareness and attitude, contributing the sector, investing in the area of renewable energy generation and devising projects. 

Best Regards,