Field Solar Power Plant (SPP) Installation

Even if renewable energy is one of the most trustable investment areas today, it cannot be evaluated as only an investment tool. It is so important to advance renewable energy projects on behalf of strategically reducing foreign dependency and creating a mechanism of conscious consumption. It has also importance that proper projects have to be developed; risks and profi tability have to be accounted deliberatively. Accordingly, we take aim at turning to account of your demand for investment about renewable energy area over fi elds of which you have or which are advised by our company. We put the projects on which the most productive and economical systems are installed for renewable energy sources through our works into practice. We carry out operations below within the context of project development services which will be performed by us in order to install electric generation facilities from solar energy as our main focus:

  • Searching the field
  • Analyzing shading factor
  • Making and following up necessary procedures after government license
  • Carrying out the application period
  • Designing and projecting
  • Following up institutional views and whole bureaucratic procedures of permission
  • Making financial analysis with the project financier and supplying necessary documentation

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