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We keep the faith that each terrestrial and sane creature is responsible for the safe, sustainable, remunerative generation and consumption of energy which is needed in all the areas of qualifi ed and modern life. CENER3 has been carrying its own weight in conscientiousness and it is engaged in commercial activities on renewable energy projects as an experienced foundation. CENER3 provides high-class and durable services on capital and project development, engineering, supply, installation and management-maintenance-repair for renewable energy investments as the main area of its activities. Moreover, it invigorates investments with the features of being qualifi ed, long-lasting and highly cost effective. We believe that the sun is the cleanest and most cost-effi cient energy source of our continuous life. The positive point of view and the escalation wish of actions that have been resumed by the countries which have gotten through to the level of encompassing civilizations, the sector stakeholders, investors and consumers are painting a promising picture as prudential hope for us. 

Expeditiously-decreasing dependence to nuclear energy investments which traumatized history and fossil-based energy sources which were the basis of domestic and foreign policy of many countries will broaden horizons for the world. We are in the mood for giving service to every person or foundation that demands to invest on renewable energy and to satisfy the need of energy consumption from renewable sources in the perspective of the responsibility which is mentioned above for the aim of ensuring the positive expectations come true in a little while. We would like to indicate that you ought to keep browsing our web page in order to be informed about the basis of what we said, what we have succeeded so far and how you may get in contact with us. 

Hope healthy and sunny days! 
CENER3 Board