Off-Grid Solar Energy and Storage Systems

One of the most important qualifications of renewable energy sources is their being accessible and omnipresent. You can generate your own electricity with off-grid systems on rural areas where national power distribution network is unavailable or when it is highly expensive to transmit it through related consumption area. CENER3 can carry out the installation works of off-grid solar energy generation systems. These can be installed on fields or roofs. Moreover, it may be continuous energy sources when the integrated installation is done with storage systems. 


Cost of electricity storage systems are looking high at the first sight. However, it submits importance for the continuation of life that electric energy which will be generated with renewable energy sources is stored in reasonable budgets. The R&D studies of our company continues on the storage of electric energy from the sun in applicable budget by thinking and believing that the sun is the cleanest and the cheapest energy source through life. CENER3 plans to make serious investments in this area. As a consequence of these investments, we aim at giving the most qualifi ed service which can be seen on other branches of our activities. 

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