Roof Top SPP Installation

We expect that the relevant legislation about the installation of rooftop solar energy systems will be completed in the foreseeable future. Our faith and demand as a stakeholder of the sector increase in consequence of the interest by ultimate consumer for the systems and the policy of our energy strategy to reduce the level of external dependence. Even though rooftop system installations are not common in our country nowadays, CENER3 has more than the hardware to carry on and the most suitable engineering and installation studies.

Renewable energy sources are becoming the systems from which are drawn benefi ts by ultimate consumers in tandem with improving technology. So these ultimate consumers pass on huge savings by generating their own electricity. CENER3 gives services in the periods of making necessary analysis for rooftop solar power plants, project with correct design and application.

Power plant installation:

  • Rooftop technical survey
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical design and scheduling
  • Static and electric project
  • Offi cial approval processes of project
  • Product supply – Import / Purchasing
  • Logistics and coordination of transportation
  • Necessary construction works on roof
  • Installation and montage works
  • Tests and startup
  • Operation, maintenance and repair

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